VB HexEngine Control App. Project
HexEngine control application written in VB.NET by Paul Pemble

Updated: 20-Apr-2009


This application project has been designed and written by Paul Pemble to demonstrate PIP control of the HexEngine within a VB.NET application. The appluication uses very intuitive trackball style and slider controls, giving control of the walking direction and body rotation & translation. There are also buttons to configure the gait.

The complete project is included with all source.

Once un-zipped, you will find the executable here: pBrainPIPTest/bin/debug/pBrainPIPTest.exe

Thank you Paul for sharing this project.


pBrainPIPTest.zip Contains full VB.NET project and compiled version
Useful Links & Documents

HexEngine Configuration Guide (PDF)  
HexEngine PIP protocol Guide (PDF)  
p.Brain-SMB user Guide (PDF)  
Image 01 - VB.NET HexEngine Control Application