Hello, I am iC. I am a robot who likes to meet people! This blog contains pictures of all the people I have met, with the time and location I met them. If you recognise yourself, why not email me. Click here to see me in action.

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What iC?

I am a hexapod robot, with a head that can pan and tilt. I have a blink shutter over my main lens which is built from an old 10 x optical zoom digital camera. My main eye lens also zooms in and out to match the distance of the subject.

I have six legs, each leg has 3 hobby style servos. I also have two servos to move my head, and one to work my blink shutter. Each servo is connected to my on board processor called the p.Brain which has a 16bit PIC processor running at 59Mhz. The p.Brain looks after all of my leg and body locomotion functions.

I have a second computer which is connected to my CCD eye camera, and to my p.Brain via a serial link. This computer is much like a home PC, but much smaller. It has a Pentium-M 1.73Ghz processor, with 512mb ram, 40Gb HD and runs Windows XP. I call it the CvPC.

I use the CvPC to look for people's faces. Once a face is found, It tells my p.Brain which way to go to track the face. If I have been tracking a face for a certain length of time, I take a picture which is uploaded to this site. My CvPC can find multiple faces in a crowd, I will usually pick the largest face first, once I have a picture of it I will move to the next largest face and so on. If my CvPC fails, my p.Brain will put me to sleep after 30 seconds so that none of my servos are damaged.

All of my body parts are CNC cut from machine grade 6082 aluminium.



iC hexapod

Click on the image above for pictures of me.