Hello, I am iC. I am a robot who likes to meet people! This blog contains pictures of all the people I have met, with the time and location I met them. If you recognise yourself, why not email me. Click here to see me in action.

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Why iC?

Having worked at Kinetica as a key engineering consultant, Matt Denton was looking for a way of displaying one of his hexapods as a piece of kinetic art / creative engineering. The problem with hexapods, is that they would usually need to walk around, which if set up as an exhibit piece would need either a special powered floor arena or somebody to look after battery changes, neither of which are terribly practical. The hexapod would also need to do more than just stomp around to keep peoples interest. ( If you wish to see me walking prior to having my head attached, click here. )

Matt realized that much of the interest in his hexapods, was not in the walking, but in the body movement. So he decided that an interactive hexapod would be created that would stand on a plinth, thus eliminating battery problems and large display areas. The hexapod would still be able to move some of its legs, but the majority of the movement would come from the body and head.

Matt has long been fascinated with face recognition systems, but had neither the time or intelligence to develop such software, he discovered the OpenCV library towards the end of 2006. A few weeks later iC hexapod was born.



iC hexapod

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