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Welcome to Micromagic Systems' Robotics Lab (MSRL), the robotics wing of micromagic systems. Here you'll find news and info on the latest creations from our lab.

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Customer Testimonials



"Seriously though, my full compliments to the chef! I've been building various robots for over fifteen years and Matt, the design, fit, finish, and overall execution of this kit is the best I've experienced. The capabilitites of the finished product are simply stunning. The gaits and body articulations are totally natural and organic!" Kevin Lincoln - USA

"Picked up the kit from the post office early morning, worked half a day and then started building, fantastic, so much so, i lost most of the weekend in a tangle of wires, pip's, servo's and flashing LED's. And on that point I have to pass on a formal complaint from my girlfriend....." Paul Watts - UK

"Thanks Matt, now he's going to spend even more time in that messy workshop, and not with me! Stick that on your forum thing... and see if you get a reply..." Paul Watts' Girlfriend - UK

"I had been a fan of the Micromagic hexapods for a long time when the release of the MSR-H01 was announced. Naturally, I had to get one of my own and I have not been disappointed. The robot is absolutely amazing! High quality parts, excellent assembly instructions, and inspired design...what more could you ask for? Thanks, Matt!" Philip Quebe - USA

"I am impressed with this kit. Superb effort and highest quality components and packaging. The assembly is a snap and the fit while assembling is flawless. My hat is off to your little enterprise and want to thank you for your rapid attention and delivery." Edmond E. Schindler, Software Engineer - USA

"The parts look absolutely stunning, they're thicker than the phoenix and the cutting and finishing is in a different league, they almost look routed. One thing i particularly like is the cutout for an RS PP3 battery holder (logic power) - this is a really well thought out solution." David Spencer - UK