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from the frontline, and the depths of Micromagic Systems Robotics Lab...

p.Brain-µ24, 10 July 2009
The p.Brain-µ24 has been added to our product range. The µ24 is essentially a p.Brain-ds24 and a p.Brain-SMB in one small convenient package. By combining the two PCB's, the overall cost of the p.Brain-HexEngine required for the MSR-H01 hexapod is reduced by £20. The µ24 version of the HexEngine is called the p.Brain-µ24-HexEngine.

National Space Center, 13 June 2009
iC took part in the National Space Center's weekend event Robotopia.

BT Young Scientists 2009, 7 January 2009
iC made and a couple of micromagic hexapods were invited to exhibit at this years BT Young scientist event in Dublin. It was a manic three days, with lots to see and some very interesting people to meet. iC managed to add another 1500 pictures to his blog! Thank you to Peter Redmond from mechatrons for inviting us, and congratulations to Pete on the Guinness World Record!

ArtBots 2008, 14 September 2008
Micromagic Systems - Robotics is off to Dublin this week to exhibit iC - our hexapod robot that can spot, track and interact with human faces - at Trinity College. As we mentioned back in Issue 1.0, the event runs from September 19-21 at Trinity's Science Gallery and features 16 artists from nine countries, as well as performances, workshops, and an awards ceremony. iC is appearing alongside other robotic art from Koichiro Mori (Japan), Yuliya Lanina (Russia/USA) and Matthew Gardiner (Australia).

The event has been desribed by the Irish Independent as "X-Factor with an R2D2 twist" in a piece that pictured our own iC creation. Do come along and join us, or get a flavour of the action at

iC a Celebrity!, 14 September 2008
iC Hexapod was featured prominently at the London Science Museum in July. It caused a real wave of publicity and was featured in newspapers around the world, from The Age in Australia to the Taipei Times to The Guardian, BBC News and Evening Standard here in the UK. iC also made it onto the sofa on Channel 4's Richard & Judy show, forming a romantic, robotic bond with presenter Myleene Klaas, as you can see on iC's memory blog here:

Micromagic Systems Robotics - Store, 14 September 2008
The countdown is on for the launch of our brand new online store: a purpose-built e-commerce platform selling our first-ever hexapod robot kit (MSR- H01) and long-awaited p.Brain control systems series. But more about this in the next newsletter (or hop to our forum for near-daily updates!).

Science Museum, 23 July 2008
iC Hexapod and its creator Matt Denton will be meeting, greeting and interacting with visitors to the London Science Museum across next week. We'll be at the Antenna Gallery (ground floor of the Wellcome Wing) for sessions from 11am to 1pm and 2pm to 4pm each day. Having appeared at London's Monster Mash festival in February, iC Hexapod is our interactive robot that can spot people's faces in a crowd, follow them around, and capture their image. We are also planning to broadcast live what it 'sees' across the large display screens at the Museum. No booking is necessary, so come along and meet iC, and other cutting-edge robots from around the world including a troupe of pogo-dancing punk rock 'bots developed by Professor Peter McOwen and team from Queen Mary University. More info: Science Museum, Exhibition Road, London SW7 2DD and at