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The HexEngine is a p.Brain-ds24 or p.Brain-µ24 with a special bootloader for uploading the HexEngine locomotion firmware. The bootloader is encrypted and will not allow user code to be uploaded, if you are looking to develop your own code, please use the p.Brain-ds24 or p.Brain-µ24 module.

Note: HexEngine firmware cannot be purchased without a p.Brian-ds24 hardware module.

In addidion to the p.Brain-ds24 a p.Brain-SMB will usually be required. A p.Brain-SMB is not required with the p.Brain-µ24


p.Brain-HexEngine - N/A
p.Brain-µ24-HexEngine - N/A

The HexEngine is a software module designed for the p.Brain-ds24 and p.Brain-µ24 hardware modules. The HexEngine is a user configurable locomotion engine for hexapod robots. HexEngine is configured via a serial port (RS-232 or TTL level) using standard terminal software such as HyperTerminal or TerraTerm (As HyperTerminal is no longer included with Vista, I recommend using TeraTerm Pro available here: TeraTerm Pro V2.3). Once the HexEngine is configured for the target hexapod platform, the hexapod locomotion can be controlled using simple direction commands over either the RS-232 or TTL serial port. The idea of the HexEngine is to allow you to get your hexapod up and running with minimum fuss, allowing you to concentrate on obstacle avoidance or other high level control applications.
Key Features
  • Configuration via terminal port or control port via optional blue tooth link
  • Locomotion control via terminal port or control port
  • Configurable body geometry
  • Configurable leg geometry
  • Multiple Servo output re-map configurations
  • Gait configurations
  • X,Y,Z Body rotation and translation
  • Walk in any direction
  • Servo rotation calibration
  • Servo reverse for each leg joint
  • Leg calibration offsets
  • Four selectable gaits patterns (can be changed during locomotion )
  • Two selectable leg move styles, giving a total of eight individual gaits.
  • Eight supported baud rates
  • Four PWM servo ranges, standard, extended and full (500 to 2500uS)
  • Dedicated PWM hardware for precision 1uS PWM resolution
  • Head Pan, TIlt, Twist and Grip control
  • Auto Head Leveling
  • p.Brain-RJ232 - Data cable 9 pin RS232 PC port to RJ11 4/4 adaptor
  • p.Brain-SMB - Standard Mother board for p.Brain-ds24 module
  • ESD200 - Bluetooth serial port module

The HexEngine firmware can be updated using a p.Brain-RJ232 serial lead and free bootloader software. See the Firmware Update Guide link in the Guides & Tutorials below. Note: If you have an p.Brain-ds24 and p.Brain-SMB combo board use the HexEngine firmware. If you have an p.Brain-µ24 board, use the µ24-HexEngine firmware.

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