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p.Brain-SMB This carrier board is designed to take the p.Brain-ds24 robot controller, and will not
function as a stand alone unit.
p.Brain-SMB - N/A
The p.Brain-SMB has been designed for use with the p.Brain-ds24 as a convenient development carrier board giving the user access to all of the I/O features of the p.Brain-ds24. Essentially the p.Brain-SMB routes all of the p.Brain-ds24 signals to convenient connectors. The p.Brain-SMB has been designed to take an optional ESD200 bluetooth module for wireless connectivity.
Key Features
  • Servo Power Polyswitch Fused Input (VS) @ 5 Amp continuous trip
  • Separate Logic Power Input (VL)
  • LDO 5V Regulator for Logic Power
  • Regulator feed selectable from either VS or VL
  • RJ11 4/4 RS232 connector
  • MPLAB RJ11 6/6 Programming connector (Supplied, not fitted)
  • All 24 PWM channels routed to edge of PSB
  • p.Brain I/O connectors
  • VS LED indicator
  • PCB holes for Parani ESD200 Bluetooth module
  • Bluetooth LED indicator
  • 2.7" x 2.0" Fixing holes
  • 3" x 2.3" PCB dimensions
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