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p.Brain-ds24 This controller is designed for people who have an understanding of PIC microconrollers, associated peripherals and general PWM techniques, It is not suitable for the beginner or novice unless used with pre-loaded firmware such as the HexEgnine.
The p.Brain-ds24 has be designed for use in advanced hobby robotics, where multiple R/C type servos need to be controlled with a standard PWM signal, such as hexapod robots. At the core of the p.Brain-ds24 is a microchip dsPIC33F 16bit micro controller with 128Kb programme flash, 8Kb RAM and 32Kb external EEPROM. This micro controller can be programmed using microchips ICD2 programmer and MPLAB IDE. Although the micro controller can be programmed in assembler, I suggest using a C compiler such as Hi-techs ( All programming examples are written for the Hi-tech compiler.

The p.Brain-ds24 has 24 PWM channels for R/C servo control, along with a variety of other peripherals such as UART's, I2C, SPI, ADC, Digital I/O, which are all brought out to two 24 pin, 0.1” pitch headers. The p.Brain-ds24 can then be plugged into a motherboard to distribute the PWM signals and peripherals accordingly such as micromagic's “p.Brain-SMB” or a user defined motherboard. The p.Brain-ds24 has an on board 3.3V regulator, and can be run from 4 to 9V on the VIN pin. There is a 3.3V pin on one of the 24pin headers to take a small amount of power for user peripherals.
Key Features
  • Compact size (approx 44 x 32 mm )
  • On Board 3.3V regulator
  • dsPIC33FJ128GP206 16bit, 40Mips Processor
  • 128Kb Programme Flash, 8Kb RAM, 64Kb External EEPROM
  • External 8Mhz Ceramic Resonator or Internal 7.37Mhz R/C with PLL to 40MIPS
  • UART1, Inverted TTL
  • UART2, RS232, Inverted TTL or 2 x Digital IO
  • I2C (Internally connected to 8Kbyte EEPROM )
  • 4 x Digital IO with pull-up, or configured as SPI port
  • 8 x Digital IO with pull-up, or Analogue capture
  • 2 x On Board LED's
  • Convenient 0.1” pitch pin headers for easy integration.
Although you can design your own motherboard for the p.Brain-ds24, we suggest purchasing a p.Brain-SMB base board for convenient development and testing. The p.Brain-SMB can be fitted with a RJ11 6/6 socket for easy connection to Microchip's ICD2 prgrammer/debugger.

A code exapmple is supplied free which demonstartes using the p.Brain-ds24 as an 24 channel PWM SSC emulator. This code demonstrates interrupt driven uart communications, interrupt PWM generation, EEPROM read/write and much more.

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