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Pan & Tilt Head for MSR-H01 hexapod. ( Servos not included )

You may also require the following servos:
1 x HS-225BB
1 x HS-322HD

MSR-H01 Red Pan
Pan & Tilt head fitted with SRF08 range finder.
MSR-H01 Red Pan
MSR-H01 Hexapod fitted with Pan & Tilt head.
MSR-H01 Hexapod
MSR-H01 Hexapod fitted with Pan & Tilt head and SRF08 range finder.

This pan & tilt head kit for the MSR-H01 hexapod consists of 3mm black acrylic plates and all fixtures and fittings required for assembly. The kit requires one HS-225BB or HS-225MG servo and one standard size servo such as HS-311 or HS-322 which are not included. The tilt operation can be mounted in one of two ways to give either +60 / - 16 degrees or -60 / +16 degrees of range.

The front plate of the pan head has two 3mm mounting holes 20mm apart for direct mounting of sensors or additional front plate with sensors. The front plate cane be directly replaced with an SRF08 range finder module.

Assembly Guides

In order to keep kit & shipping costs down, printed assembly guides are not included in the kit, therefore it is necessary to print the following on-line guides when purchasing the kit.

Safety First!
Acrylic Preparation Guide
Servo Preparation Guide
MSR-H01 Pan/Tilt Head Assembly Guide


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