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ORANGE, fitted with Pan & Grip head.

VIDEO 1 MSR-µBug Early Gripper Design Test
VIDEO 2 MSR-µBug Early Design Walk Test
VIDEO 3 MSR-µBug Orange plays with battery


MSR-H01 Hexapod ISO Sleep
BLACK - Sleep Position with Pan head and 6V AA NiMh pack.
MSR-H01 Hexapod Look
WHITE, Sleep Position
MSR-H01 Red Pan
ORANGE, Standing Position with pan & grip head and 6V AA NiMh Paack.

MSR-µBug is a 3 DOF micro sized hexapod kit consisting of 35 precision laser-cut acrylic body, leg and head components in one of three colors: Orange, White and Black. The kit comes with all screws, stand-offs, nuts and bolts for assembly (servos, electronics and batteries are not included).

The kit comes with all screws, stand-offs, nuts and bolts for assembly. There are mounting holes on the top body plate for the or SSC32 controllers. With the mounted inside the body, there is plenty of room on top of the body for a 5 cell AA battery pack and additional electronics. This kit has been designed to fit the high quality karbonite gear servo from Hitec. It is also possible to use the metal gear version: HS-65MG.

Dimensions when standing: 240mm x 190mm x 90mm (LxWxH)

One aspect that lets many robot kits down is the control electronics, MSRL are pleased to announce the release of the p.Brain-µ24-HexEngine: with the HexEngine electronics & firmware, taking control of your hexapod has never been easier. The HexEngine can be configured using a PC serial port & terminal software, and comes with default settings for the MSR-µBug kit for fast configuration. Once configured controlling your hexapod can be achieved via a serial link using a separate controller such as a basic stamp, or over an optional bluetooth link from a remote system. Further information: HexEngine product, Hexengine information, HexEngine projects.

The µBug kit has been designed to use the Hitec HS-65HB micro sized servo. Eighteen servos are required for the legs, with and additional two servos needed for the pan and grip head.

MSR-H01 Servo Configurations
  Recommended Full Metal Gear
Coxa 6 x HS-65HB 6 x HS-65MG
Femur 6 x HS-65HB 6 x HS-65MG
Tibia 6 x HS-65HB 6 x HS-65MG
Assembly Guides

In order to keep kit & shipping costs down, printed assembly guides are not included in the kit, therefore it is necessary to print the following on-line guides when purchasing the kit.


Battery options

The kit can take a 5 cell AA battery pack mounted on top of the body frame. The servos will run at either 4.8 or 6.0V, so either a 4 or 5 cell pack can be used.

Kit Options

MSR-µBug Hexapod -
This kit includes 35 acrylic body, leg and head plates, fasteners, servo mounting hardware, stand-offs & rubber end caps. The kit comes with two head options, a pan only head and a pan and grip head.

Other items are required to complete the kit, such as servos, electronics, battery etc, these options are available from the store.

Electronics, Servos, Batteries & Optional Extras
ESD200 Bluetooth Module
18 x HS-65HB Servo Pack
20 x HS-65HB Servo Pack
MSR-µBug Mounting Plate (Adds an aditional deck to the top body plate above the battery)
6.0V 2600mAh AA NiMh pack
Micro Battery Pack Switch Harness
Cable Ties 100x2.5mm Pack of 100
Items You May Require For Assembly
Cable Ties You will need some cable ties or cable sleeving to tidy the wiring on your robot, I suggest miniature 1.8 or 2.5mm ties if you can find them. Its best to buy a pack of 100, as you are likely to get them in the wrong place and need to replace a few :).
Tools You will require a small cross head screw driver, a 2mm socket key and a small pair of pliers can also be useful. Idealy cross head screw drivers size #0 and #1 are best suited to the screws supplied.
Patience Take your time.. its not a race ;)
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